My (New) Job Search Begins Now

As I said recently on Facebook, my New Year’s Resolution is to finally land a job. During my job search, I’ll be posting short updates regularly on Facebook. And, to provide a more complete account, I’ll also be blogging about my efforts and experiences. What I most hope is that you—my Facebook friends and readers of my blog—might weigh in occasionally: Offer a bit of advice; a word of encouragement; or a friendly caution if I’m veering off course.

As I relate my experiences, I intend to be as open and “transparent” about my abilities, motivations, and interests as it seems reasonable (without—as my wife occasionally describes my interview approach—being “a little too honest” in sharing). That seems like the best way to ensure the feedback I get is meaningful and “actionable.”  The best outcome I hope for is either: To have a wise soul offer a practical suggestion or insight that’s yet to occur to me; or to have someone confirm that the job options I’ve considered already—and which I’ll soon share—are as good as they’re gonna get. In either case, I’d get a clearer sense of definite path.

So, I’m out to find a job. That is a pretty wide-open topic that clearly needs narrowing down. You might ask, for instance, what are you “good at”? Or, what have you done previously—what “profession” have you held? And, what are you looking for now? Actually, clearly answering that last question is what I’m after first. So much of what I’ve learned from past jobs is what I DON’T want. On the other hand, I am realistic about this goal. I know there’s no “perfect” job out there; every occupation comes with “unpleasant” requirements. I’m confident, however, that being reasonably well matched to my work—both skill-wise and temperamentally—is the surest factor behind achieving success.

Thus, I’m looking for a match for my particular set of skills. My “top five” include:

  1. Writing expressively and informatively (an example of which can be found here)
  2. Visualizing, “thinking in pictures” (e.g. making photographs; or conceiving of an attractive way to mat and frame them )
  3. Precisely using my eyes and hands in coordination (e.g., drawing accurately from life or printed images; or writing in a calligraphy “hand”)
  4. Precisely working with my hands on a “micro-scale” (e.g. painting the fine details of scale models, and carefully assembling them)
  5. Precisely working with tools or instruments (e.g., measuring and cutting picture mats)

As you can see, I’m pretty attracted to precision, accuracy and craftsmanship. And while I enjoy (and excel at) working precisely in the “material world,” I’m also an attracted to visual and factual information—which I express by taking pictures and writing in a non-fiction vein.

I appreciate any ideas about what profession(s) that mix of skills might suggest. I’ll share what I’ve thought of in my next blog posting.


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