About Me and My Blog, “Practicing My (Gray)Scales”

Who says someone approaching 60 has to begin winding down … thinking retirement … playing Bingo?! I’m just now figuring out things I really want out of life,  and learning to give a few of them a shot.

You might call me a “late bloomer”; I’m inlined to agree. But I see myself now coming to terms, in manageable steps, with a lifelong habit I’ve let hold me back: namely, retreating out of fear from opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Moreover, I’m confronting this “fear habit” by resuming my long-neglected pursuit of drawing. Up until recently, I’d come to consider drawing like an old flame–a one time passion I now avoided for fear I simply couldn’t do it “perfectly.” Now, I’m gradually practicing again. Recognizing and recording the anxious feelings that arise when I gather my pencils. And coming to realize I still possess the ability to capture faithful images of life by applying graphite to paper.

I’m also trying to curtail my expectations about where I’m headed down this particular path. I’m hoping, if I’m reasonably persistent and committed, I’ll eventually discover my own unique voice (visually speaking). In the meantime, I’ll gently strive to draw more freely and spontaneously–and focus on visual creativity over “mere true-to-life precision.” (Precise is what my camera is for!)

So that’s the focus of this blog: to discuss my latest drawing projects (and present them as they near completion); and to reflect on my challenges, struggles, successes and milestones along this path. I hope you stop by occasionally to see how I’m doing.

And, of course, I welcome your comments, encouragement and suggestions.



  1. Oh wow, I can totally relate to your story. I just finished my About page too and I found it really hard to write. I’ve had my blog for quite a while and I’m still not sure what I’m doing with it and I’m still trying to overcome fear too. Good for you for going for it!

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